Customer Testimonials


“This technology has the potential to take implant placement to the next level.  Not only is it truly three dimensional treatment planning, but allows for visual confirmation prior to surgery.  Rather than blame the implant surgeon for improper placement, we will laud their accomplishments that should consistently improve our ability to deliver superior implant treatment.”

Robert Faulkner, D.D.S.Prosthodontist, Maxillofacial Prosthodontist, Cincinnati, OH



“IBUR is the best tool in my surgical armamentarium, makes any implant surgery go smoothly and predictably.”

Paul Fotek, D.M.D., M.S.Periodontist, West Palm Beach, FL



“Access to the power of CT imaging and digital treatment planning without the need for prior experience or financial investment… the appeal of IBUR is obvious and the clinical results from my first few cases were impressive. Highly recommended!”

Neil Matthews, D.D.S, M.S.Prothodontist, Rochester, MI



IBUR has brought another facet to my surgical abilities. I'm able to provide complex implant surgery safer, less invasive, more accurate and more predictable.  Ibur guides have given me peace of mind. With Ibur guides I have elevated my surgical abilities to provide patients a prosthesis that is beyond their expections.

Dr. Michael Ramos DDS,MS,American Diplomate of Periodontology, Rochester Hills, MI



“As a practicing periodontist, seeing the IBUR system for the first time was eye opening. Being able to holdthe IBUR Model and plan surgical treatment is exactly what I needed.”

Kelly Misch, D.D.S, M.S., P.C.Periodontist, Ann Arbor, MI



“I find value in the IBUR system because the models they construct provide definitive answers to many questions about bone volume and the location of anatomical structures. No other system that I have worked with allows the patient to hold in their hands a 3-dimensional model that I can also use to construct an ideal surgical guide!”

Dr. David Banda, D.D.S.Cosmetic Dentist, Bloomfield Hills, MI



“IBUR is the ‘autobahn’ for your implant cases, allowing predictable execution of your treatment plan without detours.”

Dr. David Egan, D.D.S.Dentist, Birmingham, MI

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