- Submit Scans or Your Surgical Plan

     - Submit CBCT Scan Data

     - Submit Your Surgical Plan (Blue Sky File Submission)

     - Order Diagnostic Wax-up 

- Order an Imaging Aligner (CT Appliance)

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    - Instructions & Printable Order Forms (pdf version)

Submit Scans or Your Surgical Plan


CBCT Scan Data Submission:   If you are submitting CBCT scan data and/or surface scan data for a new patient: 


  1. Fill out and submit the 'Data Process/Surgical Plan Prep Order Form' from the link below. 
  2. Go to our Hightail page from the link below and upload the scan data.  Put the doctor's name and the patient's name on the .
  • CBCT Scan Data: Send Compressed Multi-file DICOM files
  • Surface Model Scan Data: We accept STL files



If you are having an imaging center send us CBCT scan data directly, just submit the 'Data Process/Surgical Plan Prep Order Form'.


Your Surgical Plan Submission:  If you are sending us your surgical plan as a Blue Sky Plan file, (1) fill out the surgical guide order from the link below. Then, (2) go to our Hightail page using the above link 'Upload Data via Hightail' and upload the Blue Sky Plan with the doctors name and patient's name on the message section.








Send a dental cast of the patient along with the opposing model, bite registration to our office (330 E. Maple Rd., Ste. T, Troy, MI 48083). Please include the 'Diagnostic Wax-up Order Form' (Click here to download the pdf fie) in the package.  You may also send STL files via Hightail along with the CBCT data.



You may send the data in a CD or DVD disk to our office.  Please include the pdf version of the 'Data Process / Pre-plan Order Form' downloadable from here.







CT Protocols and Uploading Instructions


When to Order An Imaging Aligner



* For more comprehensive instruction booklets, please call us at 248-585-4964 or email to




ORDER FORMS (pdf version)


Please use pdf Rx forms below when you send us physical items (dental cast, CD, etc.)


Data Process / Surgical Plan Preparation Order Form


Diagnostic Wax-up Order Form


Imaging Aligner Order Form

Order Imaging Aligner (optional CT appliance)  


If you are sending us a dental cast or conventional dental impression, send it to us with a signed order form that you download from the link below.

If you are sending us a digital impression / Intraoral scan data STL file, fill out and submit the online order form from the link below. and upload the STL file to our Hightail page from the link below.

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